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Company Profile

Ammeraal Beltech has belting solutions for all stages of airport baggage handling, courier package handling, mail handling, and sortation at distribution centers.
Horizontal 30 and 45 degree merge conveyors are designed to queue baggage within a system, precisely adding bags from one conveyor line to another at high rates of speed.
Merge conveyors are typically used in a standard baggage system and can be integrated with other queue type conveyors, power turns, or standard horizontal conveyors. The merge conveyors are available in forward and reverse operation modes and various center line lengths. They can also be used with other pusher and diverting devices.
Our new merge belt is engineered to provide efficient and accurate merging of various baggage sizes and can cycle up to 60 bags per minute.

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Main features
• Longitudinally and laterally flexible; suitable for small diameter transfer
• Low coefficient of friction
• Wear and heat resistant
• Antistatic properties
• Flame retardant according ISO 340
Customer benefits
• Long service life
• Low maintenance costs
• Less dust attraction
• Quick Maestro Splicing system for on-site installation with little downtime
Main application
• Airport baggage handling
• Courier package handling
• Mail handling
• Sortation at distribution centers

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Hermsdorfer Straße 3

D-21502 Geesthacht



Mr. Andreas Kohl


+49 4152 937 121



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