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Falcon 7X

Aircraft Type

Business Jets





Year built


Registration No


Serial No



United States, Texas

Total Time (TTAF)



on request



1611 Windsor Park Drive Ste 101

Houston, TX 77094

USA: United States of America


Mr. David Fisher





Aircraft Overview


Number of Engine(s)


Engine(s) Manufacturer / Model


Description - Details of Engine(s)

Three Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307A Turbofans


CMC CMA-1100 “Pilotview” Electronic Flight Bag (Class II EFB) with Side Console Mount (2 Each) (Pilot and/or Copilot installation) (Does not include jeppview Subscription) (CMC EFB are small electronic information management devices for use by flight crew in performing flight-related tasks : display of electronic Jeppesen charts, performance calculation, display of live weather, display of aircraft electronic documentation the sole use of electronic document to replace paper documents is subject to an operational authorization)Communication:
Honeywell Third TR-866B VDR (VHF Data Radio) VHF Voice and Flightdeck Datalink Communications System with 118-136.975 MHz Tuning Range (VHF Flightdeck Datalink Capability also requires CMF Option 1.119.1 or .1a)
Honeywell “EASy” Communications Management Function (CMF) for GDC AFIS/SATAFIS Flightdeck Datalink Capability (Includes 1st year GDC Premium eastern or Western VHF Data Service) (VHF Flightdeck Datalink Capability also requires #3 VDR Option 1.111.1 and Satcom Flightdeck Datalink Capability also requires option 1.116.4 & 4d or 1.119.4)
Miltope TP-4840 Flightdeck Text / Graphics (80 Column) Printer (Used for AFIS and Maintenance Functions).
Honeywell MCS-7120 Satcom provides 3 Channels total: 1 Classic Aero H+ Flightdeck Voice Channel, 1 Classic Flightdeck Datalink Channel and 1 Swift BroadBand channel up to 432 kbps shared between all users in the same spotbeam (provides 1 Low Cost Voice Channel, Internet link and Quality of Service streaming internet for specific services) with Chelton HGA-6000 Antenna & Dassault Vertical Fin-Tip Radome, 1 each ICG Sigma7 Handset, 1 each Honeywell CG-710 Communications Gateway Unit (provides Swift 64 High-Speed Data Dual-Channel Bonding capability and Data Compression/Acceleration capability up to 400% depending on your service provider, web user interface for choosing between SwiftBroadBand or Swift64 and Swift 64 High-Speed Data Dual-Channel bonding capability when connected to Swift64), 1 each CR-710 Unit (provides 802.1 lb/g Wireless Access Point capability), and 3 each Ethernet ports.  System also includes EASY integration for flightdeck dialing, voice and system control functions.  (System is capable of up to 3 ICGi handsets total) (Satcom Flightdeck Datalink capability also requires CMF Option 1.119.1 or .1a). Does not include subscription to services. – Handset installed at Dining Table. Ethernet ports installed at Console table and at Dining Group
Aircell Cordless Flushmount WiFi handset (1 Each).  Can be used with Aircell Axxess II and Honeywell MCS 7120 Satcom.  Handset locations to be selected among the predefined locations.Navigation:

Honeywell EASY Electronic Jeppesen Chart Capability (Includes 1st Year Subscription to INDS World Wide EASy Chart Coverage and Jeppview Charts for use in up to 4 each EFB/ PC applications) (paperless Operations require an additional chart source ie. An EFB) (Operator responsible for obtaining any required Paperless Operating Approvals).
Flight Control:

Full Provisions Only for Rockwell Collins HGS-5860 Head up Display (HUD) System (CAT 1 Manual).
Wire and Mechanical Provisions for Rockwell Collins EFVS-5860 Enhanced Flight Vision System 9EFVS) (Includes nose cone modification).

Pratt & Whitney Flight Data Acquisition Storage and Transmission System (FAST) for Automatic Wireless Engine Parameters Download.
AC Power:

KGS Electronics 230VAC 50 Hz, 2000 VA Inverter with 12 outlets.  Outlets Locations: L/H frame 8 bulkhead, Forward Lavatory, Galley, 23” L/H Closet, R/H 2, L/H 2, L/H 3 & 4, Forward L/H and R/H Divan, Vanity, Bag Compt.
Miscellaneous Systems:

Provisions Only for Honeywell EASy Video Interface
Honeywell EASy Uplink Weather Capability (Includes 1st Year subscription to Honeywell Weather Information Network (WINN) Service with Worldwide Coverage (Requires Options 1.119.1).


Twelve passenger seating configuration. Forward Double Club, Dining Group, Credenza, 2x Three-place Divans.
Galley / Bar Cabinet: Comprised of an “Upper” and “Lower” Section: 50 Inch Galley. Aft Lavatory Closet / Additional Vanity Area – Forward Section.

CABIN SYSTEMS: Rockwell Collins Falcon Cabin HD:

3D Interactive Moving Map and Flight Deck Controller

(1 Each) Dual Blu-Ray Player

(1 Each) Single iPod Docking Cradle

(1 each) USB Port with Power Outlet (included in 1.212.0) for Video On Demand

(1 Each) HDMI with Power Outlet (included in 1.212.0)

(1 Each) USB Port for Audio on Demand (and Cabin System Remote Diagnotic)

(2 Each) 22” Widescreen HD LED Backlit Monitor on R/H Galley Bulkhead and L/H Aft Lav Bulkhead

(1 Each) 10.6” Widescreen LED Backlit Touch Screen Control in 15” Galley Annex

(12 Each) touchScreen TC-6000 Cabin Controls

(1 Each) iPod Touch Remote Control

(1 Each) iPad Remote Control

(8 Each) Plug-in Monitor Receptacles

(6 Each) ALTO Speakers

(3 Each) ALTO Subwoofers

(2 Each) ALTO Amplifier

(1 Each) ALTO Speaker per Lav

(12 Each) Sony Stereo Headsets

Bose Quiet Comfort 3 Battery Powered Noise Canceling headsets (Exchange for 12 Each Standard Sony Stereo headsets) (12 Each). PC (VGA) Video Interface dedicated to 22” Widescreen HD LED Backlit Monitor on L/H Galley Bulkhead (1 Each) Installed at R/H #1 Seat.

See Specification for Detailed Information on Interior.


Matterhorn White (PPG 11050) and Gamma Gray (PPG 12014) with Orange (PPG 1375C), Gloss Blue (PPG P281C) and Red (PPG-PRC186C) accent stripes.

Additional Equipment & Features





The price of the Aircraft includes:

  • A FAA / JAA / EASA approved standard initial training for 3 (three) pilots identified by Buyer.  This training includes ground school, the use of ground training devices and full flight simulator training.  It does not include any flight in actual aircraft.
  • An EASA approved standard initial training for 4 (four) maintenance technicians identified by Buyer.  This training includes ground school, ground school training devices and the use of full flight simulator (or equivalent) for cockpit familiarization.  It does not include hands-on training on actual aircraft in a FAR 145 or JAR 145 organization.  The maintenance technicians trainees may elect to focus their training on standard aircraft systems, or on avionics, or both of them.
  • A cabin familiarization training for up to 3 (three) persons on the Aircraft5.  This training includes ground school and cabin equipment familiarization.

See Specification for Detailed Information on Training.